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Vote for Stephen and Arrow to get nomination for People’s Choice Awards 2015.

Favorite Network Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Show: ‘Arrow’

Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Actor: Stephen Amell

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Stephen Amell’s TV show, “Arrow” is in its third season, while the comic book spinoff from “Arrow,” “The Flash” is setting ratings records for The CW. Amell’s fans have also lobbied for him to play Green Arrow in DC’s upcoming Justice League film.

The actor talked with Speakeasy about life as a comic book icon.

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Question: I would love any spoilers you have about Arrow, specifically Laurel-Oliver. —Alannah
Ausiello: If I’m hearing you correctly, you’d like some “Olicity” scoop. (Kidding! I made a funny!) Oliver will soon find out that Laurel is training with Ted Grant, much to his dismay. “The dynamic has been very adversarial” between the former lovers, Stephen Amell shares. “What she wants and what he’s prepared to reciprocate are at odds with one another, and that carries through the fall.” There’s also the fact that he’s not thrilled that she’s keeping Sara’s death hidden from Captain Lance. However, “it is Laurel’s decision, it is not Oliver’s,” Amell concedes. “And he’s not gonna step on that. He has the ability to disagree without taking matters into his own hands.”

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We are now 50 episodes into Arrow’s run. Given such a momentous occasion, I decided to rewatch the pilot before tonight’s episode and was surprised by the parallels between the pilot and tonight’s episode. For one, tonight’s episode does remind us of how much Arrow resembles Batman. Secondly, tonight’s episode does contain a homecoming—that of Thea’s, who, like Oliver when he returned from an island, is hiding something. Lastly, Laurel is still angry over Sara’s death. Yet, with all of these similarities, it’s still clear just how far Arrow has come; Laurel is moving away from being a problem-character, CW’s patented soap opera storylines have receded to the background, and while the presence of the League of Assassins may remind us of Batman, it doesn’t work against the show because in the past two years Arrow has really come into its own.

With strong performances for nearly the entire cast, “The Magician” is a strong episode that, through the returns of Nyssa al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn, takes advantage of the rich world Arrow has built in the past two years, while also giving this season the dramatic kick it needed.


Let’s just get the flashbacks out of the way really quickly and get to the good stuff!

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Added HD screencaptures from last night episode.

– Screen Captures 3×04 – The Magician

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Malcolm Merlyn is returning to the scene of his most horrendous and heinous crime: Starling City.

The season-one big bad left the town behind after Moira (Susanna Thompson) relayed word back to League of Assassins leader Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) that Malcolm (John Barrowman) had, in fact, survived the Undertaking—the very event that violated the League’s code of honor, making him an enemy to Ra’s. But he’ll return during Wednesday’s episode of Arrow, and it won’t be long before Oliver (Stephen Amell) discovers that the Dark Archer is still alive. It should come as no surprise that Oliver suspects Malcolm had a hand in Sara’s (Caity Lotz) death.

“Episode four is really a referendum on whether or not Malcolm Merlyn lives and it’s a choice that Oliver gets to make,” Amell tells EW from the Vancouver set. “We get to see how much he follows his moral compass in episode four. There are things that Oliver blames Malcolm for that extend far beyond the fact that he may or may not have killed Sara. You get back to Tommy [Colin Donnell] and the whole chain of events that devastated Starling City. He’s really at the center of everything that’s happened that’s bad on the show since its inception.”

Malcolm’s return to Starling also coincides with Nyssa (Katrina Law) coming to town to find out what happened to Sara. “Oliver and Nyssa disagree about their tactics, but when she returns to Starling City, they very much have a common goal, and that’s to find whoever killed Sara Lance,” Amell says. “How Nyssa and Oliver are dealing with Malcolm and want to deal with Malcolm, that’s where they come to blows in the episode.”

“Everything that’s happening with Sara and Nyssa’s involvement is all leading to a much bigger conflict which is really the crux of our first nine episodes,” Amell continues. “By the end of episode four, there is a ticking time bomb in the form of the League of Assassins that is over Oliver’s head. Oliver is so protective of his process and his city that by the end of episode four, he makes enemies with the League.”

Another challenge that comes with Malcolm’s arrival is keeping his pledge to be honest with Thea (Willa Holland). “When Oliver learns that Malcolm is alive, one of the people he has to tell is Thea and that certainly creates some tension,” Amell says, noting that Ollie is unaware that his sister not only knows that information already, but she’s been under his tutelage for the last several months. “If that happens, that’s a ways down the road.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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How will The Flash play into Arrow Recap Oliver Kills Tommythe Arrow plot and vice versa? —Lindsay
If you’re talking about the Episodes 8, two-night crossover, Stephen Amell shared that one of the biggest moments for the Arrow actually occurs during the Flash hour. The nature of that scene, however, remains a well-guarded secret. “I can’t tell you anything about it other than it relates to Central City — and when I saw it in the Flash script, it ended up being actually quite gratifying,” he shared. “[Director of photography] Glen Winter said it was his favorite thing I’ve been involved in so far on the show.”

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Added scans from latest issue of SciFi Now.

– Magazine Scans SciFi Now – Issue 99 2014

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After a body is found strung up in the Wildcat gym, Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez) becomes the main suspect. Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) argue over Ted’s innocence. Meanwhile, in flashbacks, when Maseo (Karl Yune) needs Oliver to remember where an informant for China White stashed key information, he asks Tatsu (guest star Rila Fukushima) to help jog Oliver’s memory. Roy (Colton Haynes) shares a secret with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).