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Stephen goofs around with his co-star John Barrowman on the set of Arrow on Thursday in Vancouver.

- Arrow On the set > August 21 2014

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Added scans from newest issue of TV Guide.

- Magazine Scans TV Guide – August 11 2014

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Love that the Spoiler Room is back! I’ve been dying for information on Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak on Arrow as its third season approaches. It sounds like their date blows up (literally?) and I’m wondering how this affects them for the rest of the season—both romantically and as teammates. I think they’re a fabulous couple and I’m rooting for them to come out of this stronger, together, at the end. —Nancy
Hey, Nancy! Spoiler Room is happy to be back, and I fully understand your desire for Olicity scoop. I don’t have any specifics on their explosive first date, but it sounds like there’s something—or should I say someone—else who will play a bigger role in potentially hurting Oliver and Felicity’s relationship this year. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talked about how they cast Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, and how one of the key things they loved was his chemistry with Oliver’s Girl Wednesday. “[Brandon] actually did a chemistry test with Emily [Bett Rickards] and we didn’t have any doubt [before], but when everyone saw that, the two of them just jumped off the screen together. It’s funny because we had a picture of Stephen, Stephen’s headshot, and we had Emily’s headshot, and there was a blank on the board. Once you put Brandon’s up there, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, these are two guys.’” So perhaps we’re worried about the wrong type of explosion?

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Added scans from The Hollywood Reporter.

- Magazine Scans The Hollywood Reporter – August 8 2014

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Thank you so much for all the Arrow scoop lately! Any more tidbits lying around?
Oliver’s list is gone! Stephen Amell revealed to me that when Arrow returns for Season 3, Ollie will be busy picking off all the major crime bosses, whose names are now kept neatly organized on a board in his lair. That could problematic when Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) comes into the picture. “We both bid for Queen Consolidated in the season premiere,” Amell says. “Spoiler alert: He gets it.”

Source: http://www.tvguide.com

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We had the opportunity to sit down with the cast and executive producers of Arrow at Comic-Con to talk about Season 3, and we’re grateful to report that there was a lot to talk about ahead of the third season of this excellent CW superhero drama. In fact, the roundtable interviews allowed us to compile a list of 31 things you might want to know about Arrow Season 3.

As you may have surmised already, this list does include varying degrees of Arrow spoilers, but it’s all information doled out to us by executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, and cast members Stephen Amell, Willa Holland, David Ramsay and Colton Haynes, so most of what you find teases more than spoils. Regardless, consider yourself warned. If you don’t want to know anything about what’s ahead on Arrow turn back now.

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The “crazy bunch” from The CW’s DC Comics-based series stopped by for a chaotic visit.

Check it out http://video.ew.com/

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Stephen attends the ‘Arrow’ press room at Comic-Con International on July 26 in San Diego.

- Events Comic-Con International 2014 – Day 3 – July 26 2014

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One day after the show’s Comic-Con panel, The CW comic-book drama names its big bad, with executive producer Marc Guggenheim saying, “We didn’t want to over-milk it.”

Oliver Queen and Co. will be up against one of the most prolific DC villains ever: Ra’s al Ghul. The big surprise was revealed Saturday evening during DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. TV’s three-hour extravaganza, hosted by Arrow’s own Stephen Amell, in the cavernous Hall H. For the team behind Arrow, getting Ra’s al Ghul to actually appear in the Starling City universe was in the works for awhile.

“It really happened very organically in the sense that we had this notion that in episode 16 we were going to reveal that Malcolm Merlyn was trained by the League of Assassins and that’s because that’s because of the comic book. We were like, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to get away with a little reference about a guy in Nanda Parbat who changed his life,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells a handful of reporters Saturday. “That was just the beginning.”

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